Brave !!!

“Just wanna see you be brave”. Hope you remember this lyric from the very famous song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.This song wasn’t an ordinary one which gained popularity through it’s view but through it’s impact on people.Well this one wasn’t meant to be popular because of  3 nominations but because of it’s meaning. This song is a part of the album THE BLESSED UNREST released in 2013.

The truth is , I literally gained courage through this song and I started to talk back to people,express my opinions and stand up for everyone.I have posted a link to Sara’s amazing song Brave. The comments for that video will amaze you.Click the link below to experience and listen to the best song ever.

BRAVE … the best song ever !

This song is an empowering anthem.It is penned from the perspective of one friend encouraging another to come out. It’s an important social issue, and Bareilles gives it a voice. With so many LGBT teens succumbing to pressure and committing suicide, this song offers a note of hope and support.

To read more about  Meaning of Sara’s song Brave from popcrush. <- click this link.





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