Hetal Vasavada’s amazing journey

I got to know about Hetal after I watched Masterchef USA season 6.She is an amazing chef.I really wonder how she nailed the beef wellington being a vegetarian.She was unfortunately eliminated in a  pasta challenge but,she’ll always remain as everyone’s favourite vegetarian.here is a link to her website pretty polymath,filled with amazing recipes.


During her time on “Master Chef,” Vasavada was consistently a front-runner, winning four challenges.

Her first win, despite being a vegetarian, was for her beef wellington in Episode 8, with her next win in Episode 10 for her peanut butter and jam cookies served two ways.

She was also a winner in Episode 12’s team challenge with its Italian menu — roasted lamb racks with baked ziti and caprese salad, and chocolate mousse pie for dessert — and in Episode 13 with her Indian-spiced fried chicken with a cornmeal waffle.

Three of her dishes made the top three — Episode 3’s coconut curry soup with red chili chutney and cilantro-mint-basil oil; Episode 10’s khichdi with peas, cauliflower and tomatoes; and Episode 15’s coffee chocolate cake with espresso whipped cream.She made it onto the show by beating out another contestant in a head-to-head apple dessert challenge.

I really love her blog and the way she cooks.


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