Holy Penstand ;0

Hey everyone,its Ashley . Today i’d like to share my method of  making a super dooper easy peasy PENSTAND..

All you need is

  • An old or whatever tall cup.you can also use a used bottle made of strong plastic/you can also use an used toilet paper roll.
  • For the base(if using toilet paper roll)you can use tag used in your dress or a visiting card.
  • paint and markers
  • glue
  • tissue paper or newspaper(former is the best)
  • flat paintbrush
  • stickers for decorating(optional)

Lets start the journey..

  1. take the cup and make sure its cleaned and empty
  2. now take some pieces of newspaper or tissue and stick it to the shell of the cup using paintbrush and glue.
  3. let it dry.
  4. now paint it or decorate or just u know unleash your creativity.
  5. now cut the tag to the size and shape of the base(if using toilet paper roll)of the roll
  6. use tape or glue to attach it.


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